life + 2010

Recupero ambientale di un suolo degradato e desertificato mediante una nuova tecnologia di trattamento di ricostituzione del terreno. LIFE plus 2010 Environment Policy Governance

Research and Testing

Research and testing activities will be conducted over the area to document the results and pedo-agronomic characteristics of degraded lands, with special attention to land degradation and desertification issues. Part of the initiative is indeed addressed to the demonstrative phase that, in addition to the development of the research activities and the return of the area to a better environmental condition, is focused on the main topics of soil ecology prioritized by the European Union. Based on these priorities more experiments will be conducted aiming at the realization of reproducible intervention procedures in the field of land restoration to obtain environmental, agronomic, and natural improvements. Research activities are preceded by the analysis and descriptions of the matrices involved in the process of soil disintegration and reconstitution. The research will be developed in three main areas: experimental plots, degraded soil areas – experimental lots - test plots, production site of reconstituted lands. Delimited areas of reconstituted ground and of original soil with different mixtures, treatments and conditions will be created on experimental plots to allow for targeted and comparable control of the evolution of numerous environmental and pedo-agronomic characteristics of reconstituted soil. On degraded soil areas – experimental lots and test fields – more practical investigations will be carried out. Chemical-physical controls, as well as pedo-agronomic checks of commodity-related, environmental, and technological aspects will be carried out on the working sites for the production of reconstituted land.

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