life + 2010

Recupero ambientale di un suolo degradato e desertificato mediante una nuova tecnologia di trattamento di ricostituzione del terreno. LIFE plus 2010 Environment Policy Governance

Site characterization
On site soil characterization is fundamental for future on-site operations and study, research and experimentation activities. Thanks to laboratory findings and observations in the field, it will be possible to process the data that is to set the basis for many of the following studies. Any further research, study, and construction activities will be based on the characteristics of the soils in the area, their location, their chemical, physical, pedo-agronomic, and environmental typologies.

The characterization intervention will allow for the development of studies and further research insights on: Microbiological activity and soil quality in a sequence of land used for the cover of a landfill for MSW, and surveys related to the soil coverage profile; Characterization of anthropogenic soils of a landfill for municipal solid waste; Distribution of the root system of the plant species present in the soil coverage of a MSW landfill; Distribution of wild plant species on an MSW landfill; Classification of Nematodes present in different degraded soils – soil bioindicators.

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